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IWEM (Inspiring Women in Engineering and Medicine)

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Our Mission Statement

At the Inspiring Women in Engineering & Medicine (IWEM) workshop, we are committed to exposing young women to the rewarding fields of Medicine and Engineering. In a time where women comprise such a small proportion of the workforce in these fields, IWEM creates an opportunity for women to experience and appreciate what these male-dominated professions entail. Our day-long program consists of several hands-on workshops, including suturing and simulated surgery, as well as lectures on the path to becoming a successful female in Medicine and Engineering. Our goal is to inspire hope in these young women, by providing an unparalleled experience into these fields. We strive to recruit high school students from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds into our program to equip them with the excitement, knowledge, and mentorship necessary to pursue careers in these fields.

Inspiring Young Women into the Medical Field